A. Paul Bergen

Artist's Statement

"The Nebulas are a form of designed chaos, abstract images having only to do with themselves and your response to them.  I see them as liquid jewels, visual music or as magic in the sky.  Some may see them as child's play, and that's true too.

However you perceive them, they come from me to you."

A. Paul Bergen

Each rendering is essentially a form of designed chaos, a controlled yet random splash of color against a black, white or colored sky.   I see them as liquid jewels, captured at one random instant, in an assumed continuing evolution. 

The Nebulas represent for me a visual expression of my evolving concept of the God of creation, which I see as an ever evolving, all encompassing, fluid force; rather than a fixed, unchanging entity, such as the Judeo/Christian conception.  The God of creation, by contrast, is always changing, ever expanding; and the creative impulse flows without ceasing throughout the vast universe of its Being.  Like the universe itself, I see its creator exploring the endless frontiers of the unknown.  Just so, each Nebula is, to me, a surprising miracle of being which I both create and at the same time observe its own self-creation.  I suspect that the God of creation and creation itself are one and the same.

The artistic process that I am using in this series may indeed be called a form of child’s play, but a play that I hope is expressive of the beauty and chaotic profundity of creation. Each painting is acrylic on canvas panel, 11" x 14", matted and framed to  16" by 20". Prices range from $150 to $300 (not including shipping). To purchase a painting please send me an e-mail with the number corresponding to the painting.

Nebula Nebula Nebula Nebula
Nebula 1 Nebula 2 Nebula 3 Nebula 4
Nebula Nebula Nebula Nebula
Nebula 5 Nebula 6 Nebula 7 Nebula 8
Nebula Nebula Nebula Nebula
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Nebula Nebula Nebula Nebula
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Nebula Nebula Nebula Nebula
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Nebula Nebula Nebula Nebula
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“On each of A. Paul Bergen's canvases a small drama unfolds and a moment of abstract movement becomes a still life. Just as nebulae are created by formations of gas and dust clumped together to form larger masses, Bergen's paintings are composed of collisions of contrasting colors, both sharp and graceful, that when viewed as a whole combine each small reaction into one still moment of striking beauty. The compositions isolate, reflect, and accentuate the mass of elements and movements that create the world we live within. Bergen's paintings surprise you with their application of color, form, and movement yet the works also leave one smiling, silently acknowledging the familiar wonder and awe we all share in staring up at the stars. ” — Joshua Petker, artist

“One feels freedom, lithness and a sense of purpose with strength of beauty in colour.  Drawn in, one first sees and then enters the commingling of mystery, elegance and surprise.  Written by a fan and owner of many works of art by A. Paul Bergen.” — LS Marks-Guarnieri

“Artist A. Paul Bergen takes us into a galaxy of color and motion with Nebula. Light years away hanging right on our wall.” — Sculptor, Danny Salzhandler, President, 101 Artists’ Colony

  • Selected Previous Exhibitions:
  • Main Street Gallery, Encinitas
  • 101 Artists’ Colony
  • Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
  • UCSD Faculty Club, UCSD, La Jolla, CA
  • Manzanita Art Gallery, Boulevard, CA
  • Encinitas City Hall Gallery
May your stay lift your spirits and brighten your day. Take something with you when you leave. Paintings and two novels I offer and a prayer for all who enter to leave without care.