A. Paul Bergen

The Undressing of Kathy Howard New!

Life in the small town of Poso Creek is more than meets the eye, with a collection of characters and events to make you both laugh and cry. Part fact and part fiction, this unique memoir/novel is largely based on real people, events and experiences.

A Mennonite farmer’s young son sinfully undresses a girl for the first time, only to find that heaven is not over there, but under hand instead. The unforgettable physics teacher C. Goodal Smith, truly a rational man, deals first with an unruly class while later a most irrational waitress turns his rational mind into mush. A quartet of fervent evangelists, each in his own indelible fashion, dedicates themselves to saving a perfectly decent town from the fires of hell, while God Almighty seems intent upon another path.  Two adolescents come of age under a Sycamore tree behind the barn, and the children of Poso Creek play nasty in both common and rare forms. You will even meet a gay farm cat who stalks steers while banging mama cats on the sly.

These and other marvels await you in The Undressing Of Kathy Howard where a both poignant and humorous excursion into rural Americana proves once again that the way things were is the way things are. Enjoy the ride!

Naked In The Tub With Vera

A unique, comic morality play in which the reader is treated to the author’s creative process throughout the development of the novel.  Author’s comments, scattered randomly within the text, provide a view into both the author’s influence on the characters and also of the characters influence upon the author, as at one point he poignantly admits “even authors are not omnipotent.”

NAKED IN THE TUB WITH VERA is an irreverent, wicked little comedy about love, lust and religion in the small town of Masonville. From the masturbatory tub of the wealthy, aging and seemingly pious widow Vera Klaussen, devious plots are conceived manipulating the unsuspecting victims of her strange desires. Caught in the web of her intrigue is an ensemble cast of wacky characters including a fearless, teenage witch; a bully she is determined to slay; a gay minister with a straight but kinky wife; a race car mechanic who knows a few things of his own about lust and manipulation; a voluptuous hair dresser who rides more than a red Cadillac; and the unforgettable Rev. Browner who likens himself unto the image of God.

Join a very naked Vera in her tub and in so doing, discover the wildly wicked and wondrous characters of Masonville.  You will need a clean towel when you emerge.

Author, Rebecca Randolph Buckley, President, RJ Buckley Publishing

In my opinion, one of the most cleverly amusing and brilliant writers of the day is A. Paul Bergen.  He has an intriguing way of intertwining humor, philosophy, and religion with unforgettable characters in an unexpected plot.  It's an exciting roller coaster ride reading what tumbles from Bergen's resourceful mind onto the written page, I kid you not!

In Naked in the Tub with Vera, you will finish reading the final page with a big grin on your face, maybe shaking your head a little bit, wondering how this mastermind came up with such an enthralling piece of fiction.  You will immediately wonder when the next novel will hit the stands. He is a true gem!

I am proud to be his publisher!

By Benjamin A. Saltzer

This story weaves together several outrageous but realistic characters, locations, behaviors, situations... lives. But it is so skillfully and delightfully done that it is interesting, fun, enjoyable reading that pulled me along from chapter to chapter, event to event, and laugh to laugh. None of it was trite, and all of it was a well-told story. The "racy" parts were colorful, and funny, without being pornographic. The author shows the foibles of the characters and invites us to laugh, but doesn't put the people down as mere stereotypes. I've already recommended the book to two friends.

25 12/10
25 12/10

By Jackie

Funniest book I've read in five years! Especially interesting interplay between the story and the author's comments (in the middle of the text). There's an extra story at the end of the book. It's very clever and interesting in its own right, well written, and it provides insight into the author.

05 11/10

By Love Words

What a wild ride. An intertwining cast of characters, who are by turns, amusing, annoying, insightful, and engaging, this lively novel is a fun read and also full of subtle wisdom. Pretty risqué, and thoroughly enjoyable.

May your stay lift your spirits and brighten your day. Take something with you when you leave. Paintings and two novels I offer and a prayer for all who enter to leave without care.